It has been so hard not to update on the status of our adoption on this page.  However, we have been asked not to and do not want to jeopardize the adoption.   I can tell you that as a family we are doing very well.  Steve, Sara and I are still in California.  It looks like we will need to remain here for awhile.  Likely until the end of the year.

By any chance is the company you work for a supporter of adoption. Or do you know a large company or individual who is? We need a corporate sponsor. If we want to be with the kids it looks like we will have to move to California for up to 6 months. Because we will have to rent a large vehicle, a large house (based on their requirements) , furniture, continued attorney fees,  etc we are anticipating our costs to be very high.  We cannot make this happen without a (some) corporate sponsor (s). We also have to maintain our bills in North Carolina, buy food, diapers, gas etc. Steve will get a temporary job in Cali and we will get some money for fostering that will cover those expenses.

We estimate we have spent $27,000 so far toward this adoption.  In attorney fees, home study fees, travel costs, special hotels that are required when we have the children for overnights, rental car, etc.  That number does not include the more than 6 weeks of missed pay, while my husband has taken a leave of absence from work so that we could attend court in California, be with the kids and make arrangements to get the kids to North Carolina.  Approximately $7,000 of that amount has been donated to us by generous friends and family members.   Thank you so much to those that have helped offset the mountain of expenses we have incurred.   Our attorney works with an adoption financial assistance company who has stepped in to help us sort out the financial piece of the adoption.  They have estimated that we will need $30,000 to $50,000 to finish off the remainder of this adoption..  They have helped us start a new donation page that is a 501c and allows for tax write off for donations.  We are assuming this will help businesses be more able to donate.

Here is the website

These are our children. We could not love them any more if we gave birth to them ourselves. These children believe we are their mom and dad. Money doesn’t mean anything to them. We mean everything to them.  However, money is the obstacle we face right now to be together.

If your company would benefit from or like to do a publicity campaign around bringing families together through adoption, we would be happy to help you out and share our story, once the kids are legally adopted by us.   Although we have come up against a lot of political red tape in the adoption process, we still believe that it is a beautiful way to grow your family.  Our kids have been such a blessing to us and I believe that we are a blessing to them as well.  We believe that God has called us to minister to these children and because of that we have faith that God has an amazing plan to get us to the end of this adoption.

Please feel free to share this post.  Thank you in advance for your support and prayers.a857ee974b12ece38eaff2450b2bda4d




I have been asked to remove any facebook posts or blog updates regarding anything related to the children or the process we are going through to get the children.   I am doing so to comply with the request.

Thank You

I want to take a moment and thank all of those who have supported us the past few months as we have traveled through this adoption process.  I know that I will forget some, so please forgive me and know how grateful we are for each and every one of you.


My Ball Sister and brother-in-laws (their spouses and their children) who threw us a last minute shower, before we left to come to California and who spent countless hours working in our house to prepare, clean and organize it for the home study.


My brother-in-laws who got up at 6am every morning while we have been in California to cover a commitment that we made.


Ball Family members who have fed our animals, got our mail, run our errands, etc. while we have been in California


My sister-in-law (brother’s wife) and niece who brought us meals, took care of Sara when we left her in North Carolina and cleaned/organized and completely rearranged our house to be prepared for the home study.


Friends, family and strangers who have donated clothes, toys, books, beds, etc so that our home may be ready when the kids get to come home


All those who have bathed us in prayer, calls and texts of encouragement


Our friends in Visalia who are hosting us and feeding us while we are here between kid visits


All those who have donated to the “you caring” site that my sister-in-law started and also the one the kids grandmother started.  Between the two (and some cash donations), nearly $4800 has been raised.  That money raised on the you caring sites goes toward our attorney fees, flight and travel expenses, missed work income, home study expenses and days with our babies.


Upland Church of Christ in Upland, CA sponsored 4 days and nights with our babies.


AAA Storage in Greensboro, NC sponsored 1 day and night with our babies


Steve’s employers for time off work


Seven Homes Foster and Adoption Agency for their loving support and quick response to our needs.


Ted Youmans, Beth Christopher and John Vega, our attorneys in California, who have worked countless hours to help us get our family together.  Thank you for praying with us on the phone and in the court house and encouraging us with scripture.


The Judge, the kids attorney, the county attorney, the birth parents attorney, the California ICPC team both locally and at the state level, for their commitment to foster children and ours in particular


The kids social workers for arranging visits with the kids


The foster parents who are currently caring for and loving our babies


You will all forever be a part of our story and the story of our kids.  Thank you so much!